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August 18th, 2004

03:46 pm - *yawwwwn*
so i've definitely been sick yesterday and today im not feeling so hot either. of course my "problems" did not go away as hoped but rather worsened considerably. i had to take my first day off of work yesterday because i was basically bed ridden. i believe the enormous amount of stress with this whole moving thing combined with my "problems" just made my whole body literally shut down. im at work today but i've had to take it really slow. and it's my LAST DAY! im so happy but also a little sad because im not up to par today so i didnt really do all that much. im sitting here and i still have a headache and im tired and im just blah. i want some painkillers dammit! *sigh* i got my planner today..i've been waiting to get that stupid thing forever and they finally got them in and i finally got one so im happy.
well im moving in tomorrow...dear Lord help me not be so stressed out. ok it's going to be fun and im not going to stress myself out so much. gahh. i've got most of my stuff packed..im really not taking that much cause iunno..tiff's already got everything big like the fridge, dvd player, vcr, tv, stuff like that. im just taking most of my phi mu stuff so i can pass it off to my little and everything so that's a lot of stuff right there. ok i've gotta calm myself down...*sigh* it shall be alright. well i've gotta get ready to go..i've gotta change my post here in a min. see yas! WISH ME LUCK AND PRAY FOR MY RECOVERY! LOL but seriously..please. LOL =D
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: yet again my wonderful Ravenous

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August 16th, 2004

03:41 pm - Communism is a red herring...
that's from the movie Clue. that quote just popped in my head today and it made me chuckle because when i first saw that movie i had not a clue what it was talking about and even now i dont really, but at least i perhaps understand it a wee bit?

oh..and dont become a satanist because that's really not cool and it's scary. you learn something new everyday

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03:22 pm - argh
phew what a whirlwind weekend as always..you know, ppl always look forward to the weekends so that they can have a break..time off from working. but it seems i never really have a break because i always plan everything on the weekend since i worked like everyday or so. but oh well..we're young and fit and we can do it!
so im officially freaking out about moving in on thurs. i have no clue what to do or really how to pack what i need or anything..im so clueless and just kinda here and im so stressed. plus when i have to work and everything it just kinda makes it worse you know? ahhh. but it's ok because i have to have everything done by thurs. so it will get done. im going to wal-mart today to crack down on what i need and get everything i think i will need. *sigh*
so on friday my wonderful boyfriend took me to biagi's and let me tell you, it is so so so so so good. we had to wait like 45 min. or so and since i was literally starving, like ravenous, the wait was unbearable. but when i sat down and they brought out this delicious buttered bread and they had olive oil or some kind of oil and herbs and everything and i bit into that bread, i felt like i was truly in heaven. it was one of the best experiences of my life. LOL so of course biagi's was great..fully recommend it! afterwards we went to see the stepford wives..omg that movie is so good! it's so smart and it's really awesome..very random too. i really enjoyed it. after that got through we went back to his house and just chilled and watched tv but i was just so tired, iunno why, so i left pretty early. i dont remember when..maybe like 12:30 or 1 or something. man i was tired.
so sat. i wake up at like 9 am and i was like wtf so then i just laid in bed until 10:30 or something. i just kinda lounged around for a while and at 2 i took my little sister and her friend to see the princess diaries 2...oh dear you guys..dont see it. it's nothing like the first one. this one is really bad and really corny and it does indeed try too hard, as some critics have said. so no i wouldnt recommend that one. LOL
that night me, erik, my roommate tiffany, and her boyfriend ross went to penny lane to listen to our friend andy do his jazz thing with his band (which was very good by the way) it was so much fun and to top it off my friends megan and alex showed up! i was filled with delight! LOL so after we left penny lane we just did random things and because of that stupid water main break on the lloyd, the entire west side was shut down. that sucked since we ventured to stadium 16 to try to see anchorman (which wasnt there anyway). so after that we just went to taco bell and ended up in hughes where i saw my room!!!! it was so exciting!!! i was thrilled...that's where im going to live! so that was really fun. played some ping pong and then me and erik left
aiight..sunday was mixed. got together with high school friends and just ran around the city and had fun. dude i played putt-putt and guess what my score was..it was like 79 or something. it was awwwwwwwwwwesome LOL i laughed so hard cause no matter what i would do, the ball would not go in the hole. EVER. midget links kicked my ass..but oh well. then went over to erik's and he didnt have the greatest day which made me really sad so i just talked to him for a while and hopefully things are ok now. it just kills me when my love is sad or something is wrong or something you know?
this might well have been the single longest post i have ever posted so sorry guys..if you actually made it this far wow..props to you and yours LOL hopefully this week goes smoothly..today im not feeling that great cause of "problems" but hopefully they subside soon. LOL well i got 3 more days until im officially back at school and representing my sorority..eeks!
Current Mood: my back hurts =(
Current Music: oh baby..the Ravenous soundtrack!! YES!

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August 13th, 2004

03:12 pm - oh yeah..
i totally made it. i even had time to spare to visit the loo. go me.

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02:45 pm - work should be banned on fridays..
so it's my first friday ever working this summer and it blows big hairy chunks just like i thought it would. well t. rahm isnt here so she betta not complain about how there's only 3 of us here LOL jk..i hope you're feeling better! it's actually going pretty easy here..i suppose they dont work you as hard on fridays or something..at least i havent been. and it is so glorious outside..quite beautiful. we've had some of the best temperatures lately..hopefully God will be kind and keep it going when we have to move in on thurs. or whatever it is. OMG we have move in..ahhhh! im so scerrrd. LOL i hope i can adjust purty easily.
i got paid today which was great but every single time i go and get paid i always think that it's going to be so much more than what it is really is and im bummed. im going to get another job next summer that's off campus..this minimum wage thing is not cool. i need more money. =P
in a few hours i will be heading to biagi's..im psyched for that! i dont know if it's really a place where you can wear denim and stuff? my outfit im wearing is work-ish so i didnt think it would be the proper attire for biagi's but erik says it doesnt matter..but iunno..hmmm
talked to breanna today..i havent talked to her in foreva! it was so nice to see her..i cant wait for school start up so i can see her more often. LOL but then i dont want school to start cause i dont want to work. oh the irony!!!!
totally pumped to see the stepford wives tonight..i havent really heard that it's that great, not bad, but not great but oh well..i usually like every movie i see with some exceptions, but oh wells.
im getting ready to go cash my check so ill be happy when i have some money in my wallet..i have my 15 min. break here soon so i've gotta book it to the bank across lincoln, get my money, and book back here in 15 min. think i can do it? if i hustle my booty perhaps..ill let you know when i get back =D
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: "The Scientist"-Coldplay..im listening to their CD in my car

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August 12th, 2004

04:42 pm
it's amazing what one can learn in a library and what kind of ppl visit it...there certainly are some strange ppl in this world.

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03:07 pm
this is gonna be a shortie cause im on my break and it's about up..i dont think i can update this today other than this one cause i dont think i can get to a comp. oh well. if i can, then maybe ill update it some more. it's been a GORGEOUS day..absolutely gorgeous. this morning i couldnt find anywhere to park cause i guess everyone's coming back now and moving in and stuff and teachers are coming back..every single space in the hughes/hale parking lot was filled. i was like wtf..oh well. so im freaking STARVING right now..i ate lunch but ahhhhh im so hungry cause again i brought my lunch and it didnt fill me up..i think i eat too fast. oh well.
tomorrow i am looking forward to SO SO SO much because my lovely, wonderful, absolutely great boyfriend is taking me out to biaggi's, the place i've been wanting to go to FOREVER, and then afterwards we're seeing the stepford wives because we both have been wanting to see that but never got around to it. it's coming out to the south theater tomorrow so im pumped! and i get paid tomorrow! weeeeeeeeee! it's going to be a magnifique day!
and remember kids, accept everything that happens to you with grace and meet it head on and you'll come out of it a much better person..dont be negative about stupid crap that's not going to matter in the long run. just a little advice from what i've observed lately =D
Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: the whir of the computer

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August 11th, 2004

yayyyyyyyyy i finally finished all the tidying and checking of the books in the reference section today at work!!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!!!!!! i've been at that stupid section for weeks now, doing the same thing up to 3 times a day. OMG you have no idea how happy i was that i finished it! yayyyy..now the reference section looks nice, clean, and modern. a lot better than it used to. like i said before, there was just so much dust you would not have believed. i think i've stunk too everyday after work cause of all the cleaner and dust and crap...oh well. if i did stink, sorry everyone who came across my path. =P
i got all my books i believe for school except my astronomy book which, they said, wont come in until like the day before school. im like wtf? oh well..and they still dont have any planners!!!!! ahhhh i need one so badly so i can write down all these dates for phi mu and stuff i need. argh sicles.
so after work here i get to go eat..for some reason im hungry. but then again im always hungry after i eat here at the library instead of going out. i dont want to spend all that money that it takes to go get something everyday so sometimes i bring my lunch and just eat it here. it's quite convenient but i never get full enough. dont know why. oh well. mannnnnnnnnn i dont want to work on friday. i've never worked on fridays yet this summer but this friday i am and i totally dont want to. buuuut..I GET PAID!!!!! yayyyyyyy i need it too so yippee!
welp, im off. byeeeeee!
Current Mood: productiveproductive
Current Music: the sound of silence..LOL that's an actual song too =P

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August 10th, 2004

03:42 pm - boop de boop boop
hallo my wonderful public! funny things have happened..not really but they were interesting. i went to go eat lunch today and i had erik's book with me, america's alternate religions, that i am reading and i took it with me to subway and then to the bank to cash a check. so i walk back to UE's library and upon my return i find out that i no longer have the book. so of course im quite alarmed and i have no idea where it could be so i backtrack to the bank and the bank teller holds the book up high and im like phew!!!! so i get the book back and all is well..but see i ran to the bank and didnt stop and since i am not in peak physical condition and it was quite hot today and i had just eaten like 5 min. before i did not feel quite well. so i get back and i dont even take time to rest and i go to do my job for the hour which is cleaning shelves full of dust..so much black dust you wouldnt even believe, and moving books around and stuff. so i start doing that and about 10 min. into it i start feeling nauseous and really really hot. so about 20 min. later im just like i cant do this anymore..it felt like i was in a factory or something. like there is so much dust on those bookshelves and my allergies are you know, there and everything and i had just ran in freaking 90% humidity and i was just ahhhhhh im going to hurl! so i had to stop and i opted to do some interlibrary loan stuff instead. LOL that was about all the excitement of my day so far. heheheeheh

got about an hour left and then im free!!!!! weeeeee! i saw a clockwork orange last night..whoa that movie is so disturbed i swear. i've always wanted to see it cause i heard it was a masterpiece or something but the first hour i was like OMG this is horrid! like the images and everything are so gross..but after you get past that, it's pretty good. like iunno, the plot line is good i thought but just what kubrick shows is just insane and really disturbing. it's really slow too just to let you know. so that's about it...i be running now! see yas!
Current Mood: soremy feet hurt =(
Current Music: "Politik" Coldplay

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August 9th, 2004

03:42 pm
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